The practise of establishing assets offshore is swiftly gaining ground among South Africans reluctant to “keep all their eggs in one basket”, preferring instead, to take advantage of the Reserve Bank’s increased foreign investment allowance, by diversifying into harder currencies as the South African Rand is under pressure with the greylisting.

Whether you are preparing for retirement, planning a once-in-a -lifetime holiday or international education, BRICS weakening currencies are a driving factor to move wealth offshore.  Alongside other NON-EU (third country) nationals, South Africans too, are looking for environments that offer economic and political stability, a low level of crime, and friendly English speaking locals in European jurisdictions for EURO investments. This does not have to include cumbersome residency options but purely solid property investments.

In this era of “Work from Anywhere” Digital Nomads, it is important for mobile societies to have a secure property investment that is easy to manage, without excessive overheads or taxes, and to ensure reliable, healthy returns with favourable taxation that provides an asset base—especially for first-time buyers and retirees who want to be travelling.

Trends are now shifting from a multi-functional lifestyle, to countryside living.

Having lived in secure fenced estates in South Africa, such as Silverhurst Estate Constantia, Dainfern Estate Bryanston, Heritage Val Riche in Mauritius, we now are extremely comfortable living in an apartment in Malta. The island is now our playground, the sea our swimming pool, the environment our garden, and the village our neighbours.

It’s remarkable to observe how people from top lifestyle estates in South Africa such as Mount Edgecomb; Zimbali; Val de Vie; Steyn City; Fancourt; Steenburg; Peacon Wood and Waterfall Estate in towns like George; Camps Bay; Stellenbosh; Johannesburg; Pretoria; Hartebeesport;  Plettenberg Bay; Hermanus and Cape Town alike, find something special about Malta and Gozo. Whether it’s a modern lifestyle development such as Pender Gardens; Tigne Point; Portomasso; Fort Cambridge, or a house of character, a penthouse or farmhouse, there is so much to choose from in Malta.

Still a hidden secret to many who do not know where Malta is on the map, those in the know are recognising the beneficial value of investing in the lucrative property market in Malta, a beautiful small island EU nation, conveniently located in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea, with easy access to mainland Europe.  The diverse economy—driven by i-gaming, financial services, tourism, aviation and boating—provides for a vast need for rental properties. It is also home to Bet365, Lufthansa Technik Malta, servicing Airbus & Boeing to mention a few.

‘Buy to Rent’ property investments are easily identified and managed by our team who can offer an array of rental properties in various locations on the islands—from renovated city apartments, to luxurious country homes—at competitive prices.

What better way to secure your future, your child’s education, or your retirement, than with a bricks and mortar that isn’t a liability due to non service delivery and high local council taxes. Never mind no inheritances taxes in Malta (only 5% on immovable property), and double taxation treaties with multiple countries.

We’ll see you in May!

Merle Whale will be visiting South Africa in May 2023 and may be in your area presenting seminars or hosting private meetings.  As a South African expat, now living in Malta, I can put you in touch with all the right people here, and show you the ropes.

So, with all the odds stacked in its favour, Malta is proving to be an attractive, trusted option for secure, offshore property investments.  If you would like more free information and advice on investing in the Maltese property market, I’d like to invite you to meet with me for a discussion, any time in Malta, or when I visit South Africa in May this year. Please contact me here to arrange a meeting. I look forward to hearing from you.


Regards from sunny Malta!