In case of injury or death when traveling or living abroad, are you prepared?

In this highly informative webinar hosted by Merle Whale, experts discuss the crucial legal aspects of preparing for safe foreign travel and provide solutions to dealing with the risks of medical emergencies, or untimely death when traveling abroad. All too often when assisting South Africans with moving to Malta or making decisions about other countries such as Portugal, Cyprus, Mauritius that it is vital to not assume anything. Hence ‘I keep my client informed via regular seminars and periodical newsletters’.

First, Michael Judin, of Judin Combrink Attorneys based in Johannesburg with extensive experience in International Trade Laws & Treaties, Labour and Property law to mention a few, shared the unexpected pitfalls and dangers of traveling abroad without the essential and often lifesaving, preparations. Michael shares some specific example on how clients can get caught unawares and gave some practical advice;

  • Will all your travel and insurance documents be understood by the people of the country of your destination? (i.e. Discovery Travel Insurance policy may not be understood in Japan)
  • Will you have instant credit card coverage if admitted to a foreign hospital for a medical emergency? Pre-advise your banks of travel activities.
  • Does your medical aid cover the cost of an unexpected eventuality? Don’t assume you will be in a position to talk to them after the event has occurred!
  • If you’re emigrating, or in a state of flux, do you have a document of permission from the South African government to hold dual citizenship?
  • When you emigrate, do you have your affairs in order in the event you want to return to live in South Africa? Don’t leave your affairs unsettled.

Next up is Joseph Abela, Abela & Abela Notary familiar with the drawing up of Wills for foreign clients—for those visiting Malta and for those residing there. Joseph advises us to consider the legal implications when foreigners from non-EU countries, who are invested in Malta, pass away. How to be prepared.

The following considerations are discussed:

  • The different customs and laws that regulate your Last Will – in South Africa and Malta (EU).
  • The different types of Wills available in Malta.
  • The importance of validating your Last Will, if drawn up in South Africa.
  • Death and taxes in Malta.
  • How dual citizenship affects your Maltese residency status.

Finally, Maltese funeral director Johann Camilleri, of Active Assistance Services and Camilleri Funeral Directors advises what to do in the event of a South African passing away in Malta and insight into the responsibilities of the undertakers. This includes:

  • Who to notify.
  • The importance of travel insurance.
  • Arranging a burial or cremation.
  • Repatriation.
  • Documents required by the undertakers.
  • Cost of the various options.
  • Check your policies before engaging with any services.
  • A regular family doctor is important.

Topic such as these are important aspects for South Africans considering relocating, obtaining residency or working abroad and nomad workers.

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