About the event:

Join us to explore the secrets of the Maltese Islands and how you can weave the benefits of getting on the journey to build another future for yourself, family and life.

In this valuable session, you can glean information on key components for;

  • Residency Programmes
  • Investment & Real Estate Options
  • Relocation / Retirement Solutions
  • Foreign Exchange Set-up

It’s easier than you think once you speak to the right people and obtain the correct details. Whether you are looking for a small or large investment, and want to relocate or just benefit from programmes offering you visa free mobility in the Schengen as well as ensure that you meet the relevant taxation requirements and keep abreast of the foreign exchange regulations.

This could be the opportunity of a lifetime, what have you got to loose?

The seminar is free and our specialists will be on hand to present you with the latest information and answer your queries. If if you are not sure about what the future holds, rather be prepared for an opportunity than have an opportunity and not be ready.

Malta & Gozo offer safe environments, exciting lifestyles as well as well located to Europe and easily accessible.

Three favourable Malta residence programmes that will also be showcased

  • The Malta Permanent Residence Programme.
  • The Malta Digital Nomad Programme.
  • Malta Citizenship by Naturalisation for Exceptional Services by Direct Investment .

We will also cover Malta property investment opportunities and what makes Malta an ideal international hub for business or just a place for leisure.