It is simple to secure and diversify your investment portfolio in Malta. 
Malta offers one of the best residency schemes in Europe.

EU & Non EU citizens are taking up residency.
The property market is experiencing unprecedented growth with these investments offering diversification, capital growth and healthy returns of 5% in the buy-to-let market with low taxation of 15% .
Even better, there are no rates & council taxes.

Anyone can own property in Malta irrespective of residency.
Malta’s robust economy is driven by the financial, tourism, aviation, boating and gaming sectors attracted by favourable taxation. Malta is one of the smallest independent states and member of the EU & Schengen area.
Maltese citizenship/ residency offers the benefits of mobility. Applications must be processed by authorized agents & subject to relevant conditions.

Let me show you the way …..
I am a South African living in Malta and have been here for 7 years ago with my British partner. I can share our first-hand experiences in purchasing/renting a home, applying for citizenship, residency, visa and permits, and also introduce you a community of helpful and friendly people.
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Why Malta? Malta is a beautiful, politically stable, a treasure surrounded by the Mediterranean Sea. There is easy access to many countries with almost 50 flights a day from/to the island. It is a safe environment with a comfortable climate year around. Most of the people are English speaking and very friendly. Medical and education facilities are world-class. There is great shopping with most of the European brands as well as a variety of fresh foods. Entertainment is a mix of outdoors, cultural, and of course many eating out options.
Malta, the smallest EU state, has a joie de vivre that permeates life on the islands.

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