From my desk, I have a unique view of sailing and commercial vessels, tour boats and those of the ultra-rich; as well as aircraft activities, shopping, eateries, students and everyday people. On my daily walks with my elderly Labrador – we will inevitably get into in-depth conversations with the old, young, local, international, business owners, cleaners, families and travelers. It’s no surprise therefore to meet—in a day—people from northern European, Britain, America, India, China, the Middle East, Russia, Australia and, on one day, also a South African family all the way from Warmbaths.

When speaking to these people the consensus is that they are attracted to Malta for it’s safe environment, wonderful lifestyle, healthy economy, political stability and the added advantage of its convenient geographical location, which allows for easy daily travel connections. Medical and Education facilities are world class, and there are no council taxes.

There’s a large expat community who agree that settling in to Malta is easy.  Joining a club, gym, cultural group, volunteering, participating in hobbies, participating in sporting; it all makes for a great fun community. Rest assured that whether you’re a Manchester United or Arsenal fan, rugby, cricket, tennis, or snooker, there’s no doubt you’ll find someone to engage in conversation.