The Independent Malta writes:
Financial experts believe that Malta is second only to Cyprus in bid to become the trading capital in Europe post-Brexit, the world’s foremost provider of in-depth knowledge in the field of multi-asset trading reports.

Headlines in Finance Magnates, 22/02/2021 | “Post-Brexit World. Which EU Country Will Become the New CFD Capital? London used to be the main FX/CFD trading hub in the European Union.”
In the latest edition of the Quarterly Intelligence Report, Finance Magnates Intelligence examines what representatives of brokerage firms involved in European operations think about the changes that may await the market as the Brexit transition period ends.

According to a survey, industry experts believe Cyprus, which is already the leading and most popular licensing jurisdiction for brokers looking to locate in Continental Europe, stands to gain the most from the changes (35%).
Exactly 24% of respondents believe that Malta will take over a large part of the brokerage business, followed by Germany (16%) and France (13%).
The last piece of the brokerage pie is expected to be filled by the CEE market, with Poland, among others being mentioned, the report says. In contrast to other EU countries, Poland offers an additional category of retail clients with a higher price-to-book ratio.

“I do believe Cyprus and Malta have a lot of potentials; however, it all comes down to the fine balance between protecting client interests and leaving some freedom to the brokers. Whoever does this best, ultimately wins,” Natalia Zakharova, Head of Sales at FXOpen, said.

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