Your Vote, Your Voice!

2024 is a significant year in history with the most ever recorded countries going to Vote! This includes South Africa, Europe, and our very own Malta, are all holding important elections. 🌍🇿🇦🇪🇺🇲🇹

Voting isn’t just a right—it’s our chance to shape the future.

When voting we get to contribute to choosing leaders and making decisions that help everyone. It’s a way to share our opinions and make sure everyone has a say in what happens in our community.

Every vote counts, helping to ensure our voices are heard and our values are represented. Whether it’s for local, national, or international leaders, your vote makes a difference. Let’s cherish our democratic privilege and make informed choices for a brighter tomorrow.

Democracy thrives when we all take part, every single vote matters in shaping our community and our future.

South Africans Abroad – fondly known as SAFFAS (South African Family and Friends Abroad) have been to the polls. Many of them travelling far and wide to get to the polls in the relevant jurisdictions.

📢 South African Election Day is this Wednesday 29th May! Find your polling place at

Be sure to gather all the necessary documents.