Lordi, Mike and the Mechanics and many more to hold separate concerts in Malta as part of Rock’N Malta 2023 festivities. The Rock’N Malta fund by Festivals Malta helps bankroll the events and has been running for six years.

The programme is set to host over 650 local and international artists from March to December 2023, through some 20 rock concerts and festivals being held across the islands.

The events will include concerts from a vast array of sub-genres within rock music. From the darker Metal, Goth and Industrial Dark Malta festival being held in April to a lighter Christmas concert by the pop-rock band The Travellers in December.

Here is the current programme of events which are set to take place:

    • Lordi – March
    • Dark Malta – April
    • Music Playground – Between April and September
    • Rock the South 10th Edition | A symphonic rock show – May
    • Kunċert Rock | Gogol Bordello – June
    • John Lees’ Barclay James Harvest – July
    • Plaguefest – August
    • Venti Music Fest | The Creepers – Blues in Malta – September
    • Rock Wired – October
    • A Symphonic Rock Show and Choir – November
    • The Gozo Youth Orchestra – November and December
    • The Travellers Christmas Concert – December
    • Mike and the Mechanics | Rock in the Forest | Steven Rothery | Alan Parsons
    • Dates will be announced later this year.