Have a quick look at some of the fast facts that make Malta one of the Mediterranean’s best kept secrets that offers attractive residency, investments, property and retirement options.


Malta hosts an industrious and successful island nation, enjoying a great lifestyle with a lot going for it:

–        a vibrant financial services sector

–        banking services ranked amongst the best in the world

–        its exceptional health care system is recognised as one of the best in all of Europe

–        excellent internet connectivity and communications technology

–        a well-oiled efficient infrastructure

–        buoyant property investment opportunities with a large number of apartments, houses and villas at reasonable prices

–        excellent standard of education with a world class university

–        quality shopping, fine dining, great entertainment, scenic beauty, intriguing architecture and fascinating historical sites to explore

–        Malta is a prime diving location, world renowned for its different diving experiences; it also offers a variety of other popular sporting and outdoor activities

–        Its wonderfully warm weather – almost all the year round – attracts sun-worshippers to its many pristine sandy beaches