You most likely have some knowledge of the mystique of Game of Thrones, especially if you’re a fan. It’s no surprising that Malta and Gozo were chosen as the locations for filming the first series.

​ Also filmed here The Count of Monte Cristo, Gladiator, Midnight Express, Popeye, Raise the Titanic, The Spy Who Loved Me, Troy.

Malta’s history reads like a ‘Who’s Who’, having gone through the ages of the Neolithic, Phoenicians, Carthaginians, the Romans and the Byzantines followed by the Greeks, Arabs, Normans, French and English; all leaving their traces on the eclectic Maltese culture. Independent from British rule in 1964 and also a member of the EU, the Commonwealth and the Schengen Zone.

Perhaps it’s this adaptability that makes the Maltese welcoming of foreigners.

Having adapted over time and as the home of the Order of the Knights of St. John, Malta continues to play an extraordinary role in world politics especially as it relates to European African affairs despite Malta not being a destination of choice when migrants unintentionally arrive here and are then relocated.

​ ​An esteemed honor that the people have ever been awarded (April 1942) ​as a country was the George Cross by King George VI in recognition of the bravery of its people under siege.