For South African investors looking to diversify their portfolios, Malta offers a wealth of advantages. With its strategic location in the Mediterranean, membership of the European Union (EU), Schengen visa benefits and a thriving property market, Malta presents a compelling proposition for investors seeking to maximise their portfolios.

Merle Whale, a South African living in Malta, says this Mediterranean gem has been welcoming South Africans to its shores, for a number of years now, offering investors, businesses and holiday makers a dream location.

Malta offers stability for investors and a Plan B option for South Africans looking to protect their families’ future. Whale offers some key attractions for South Africans:

  • Schengen visa and access to the EU. A primary advantage of investing in Malta is the access to the Schengen region. A Schengen visa allows investors to travel freely into 26 European countries, facilitate business opportunities, network in a thriving economic environment and to expand horizons.
  • Economically stable environment. Malta’s economy is stable, making it an attractive destination. Malta has experienced consistent economic growth over the years driven by thriving sectors such as financial services, gaming, technology, tourism and a booming property market. Coupled with a business-friendly market and attractive tax incentives, South Africans have ample opportunities for business, to invest in start-ups and participate in established industries.
  • Property market. Property has recorded impressive growth in recent years, enticing investors. High demand has seen property values appreciate offering attractive returns on investment. Investors can explore options, including residential properties and commercial spaces to capitalise on this upward trend. The Maltese government encourages foreign investment in property and offers incentives such as the Malta Individual investment Programme (MIIP) and the Global Residence Programme (GRP).
  • Nothing beats Malta’s quality of life. Malta’s allure extends beyond investment appeal. This island gem offers a high standard of living, a typical regional climate, stunning landscapes and a rich cultural heritage. South Africans seeking a change of scenery can embrace its vibrant lifestyle, beautiful beaches, historic sites, world-class healthcare and a safe family environment. A cosmopolitan atmosphere, diverse culinary scene and thriving arts and entertainment sector add to the overall quality of life.

Ms Whale says Malta offers a gateway to numerous opportunities. The Schengen visa facilitates access to the EU market, fostering business connections. The country’s stable economy, business-friendly environment and thriving industry sectors create a fertile ground for diverse investments. The property market’s attractive ROI is of significant importance to investors.

South Africans should consider the advantages that Malta offers, from capitalising on the property market to exploring business opportunities in the EU market making this a compelling choice for astute investors.

For more information contact Merle Whale on or WhatsApp on +27 82 574 4661.