Riding the wave of Trump, Brexit, EU elections, the Zupta shenanigans, economic downgrades or currency uncertainties – requires SMART Solutions for freedom of mobility, financial diversification and a secure environment.

Malta is fast becoming the location of choice for many savvy investors, or for those simply wanting a safe haven to call home, alternative passports, residency or Plan B. Having personally researched the alternatives including Mauritius, Cyprus, Spain, Portugal and UK I can give you my personal opinion on why we chose Malta.

As a South African living in Malta I can show you the ropes with investigating the options, understanding Malta, the places, the prices, the people, the process, the procedures from leaving South Africa to putting your ‘roots’ down in Malta.. I’ve done it myself!
Merle Whale
Founder Maltalifestyle.com

When you plan to visit Malta I’ll arrange your itinerary and set up meetings with renowned real estate, legal & financial advisors – have a consultant show you around the island and if you’d like, also show you some of the properties according to your interests.
At no charge. No obligation. Let’s make plans now.  

Smart Solutions for a SMART Future

Life in Malta
Malta is an idyllic island surrounded by the azure Mediterraneanand accessible by 35 commercial airlines, ferries and liners. It has fabulous weather, is safe, easy to get around, and is home to friendly, English-speaking locals.The country boasts a robust economy, state-of-the-art medical facilities,  and a world-class education system. Shopping includes global brands, local and imported products.

Citizenship or Residency
Citizenship by investment. EU residency and Schengen visa.  Arguably one of the best product offerings for citizenship in Europe. It’s not the cheapest, but there are no hidden costs, the country is economically stable and a Gateway to Europe.

Investment Property
Anyone can own property in this vigorous sector that is outperforming many of Malta’s European counterparts. There is a high demand for quality buy-to-let properties with lucrative returns for capital and earnings, favorable taxation, no council taxes and low running costs. The buying process is simple and easy, and documentation is in English. There is a wide variety of investment opportunities in other areas including: financial services, aviation, boating, igaming and many more.

Malta has much to offer retirees including: favorable taxation, no death duties, no tax on world-wide earnings, low living costs, comfortable weather and state-of-the-art medical facilities. With strong family values everyone feels at home in beautiful Malta.